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The history and tradition of Patna go back to the earliest dawn of civilization. The original name of Patna was Pataliputra or Patalipattan and its history makes a start from the century 600 B.C. Patna covers area of 42 sq km. The name Patna has undergone many changes at its earliest stages like Pataligram, Kusumpur, Patliputra, Azimabad, etc., ultimately terminating to the present one. Chandragupta Maurya made it his capital in the 4th century A.D. Thereafter the city lost its importance until Sherkhan Suri rose into power in the early 16th century A.D. Another version that comes to focus is that there existed a village named Pattan or Patthan, which later turned into Patna.It has been said that Pataliputra was founded by Ajatashatru. Patna, therefore, has become inextricably bound up with the ancient Pataliputra. The ancient village was named ‘Patali’ and the word ‘Pattan’ was added to it. Greek history mentions ‘Palibothra’ which perhaps is Pataliputra itself .Ajatashatru had to adopt certain security measures in order to protect Patna from the repeated Lichchavi invasions. He had got a natural riverine fort protected by three rivers. Ajatashatru’s son had moved his capital from Rajagriha to Pataliputra and this status was maintained during the reign of the Mauryas and the Guptas. Ashoka the Great, administered his empire from here. Chandragupta Maurya and Samudragupta , valliant warriors, they took Pataliputra as their capital. It was from here Chahandragupta sent forth his army to fight the Greeks of the western frontier and Chandragupta Vikramaditya repelled the Shakas and the Huns from here. It was there that the Greek ambassador Megasthenes stayed during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya. The famous traveler Fa-Hien in the 3rd century and Hiuen-Tsang in the 7th century inspected the city. Many noted scholars like Kautilya stayed here and works like ‘Arthashastra’ were written from this place. This city was the fountainhead of the spring of knowledge and wisdom in ancient times.

Prince Azim-us-Shan, the grandson of Aurangzeb came as the Governor of Patna in 1703. Earlier than that Sher Shah had removed his capital from Biharsharif to Patna. It was prince Azim-us-Shan who tried to turn Patna into a beautiful city and it was he who gave it the name ‘Azimabad’. The common people however went on calling it ‘Patna’.

The old Patna or the modern Patna City had at one time a wall all round, the remains of which can still be seen at the entrance of old Patna.

Formation of District in year 1869
Area 3202 Sqr K.M.
Patna Capital & Headquarter of Bihar
Administrative Unit
Nos. of Sub Division 06
Nos. of Blocks 23
Nos. of Panchayats 331
Nos. of Village 1451
Nos. of Nagar Parishad 04
Nos. of Nagar Panchayat 07
Municipal Corporation 01
Zila Parishad 01
Population as per census 2001
Total Population 4718592
Male Population 2519942
Female Population 2198650
SC Population 729988
SC Male Population 386991
SC Female Population 342997
ST Population 9236
ST Male Population 5352
ST Female Population 3842
Literacy Status
Overall Literacy 63.82 %
Male Literacy 73.81 %
Female Literacy 52.17 %
List of High Schools
1Rajkiya uccha vidyalaya (Boys) 11
2 Rajkiya uccha vidyalaya (Girls) 07
3 Rajkiyakrit uccha vidyalaya 168
4Project uccha vidyalaya 06
5Alpsankhyak uccha vidyalaya 18
6Sanskrit uccha vidyalaya 12
7 Madarsa uccha vidyalaya 05
8Sthapna Anumati Prapt uccha vidyalaya 55
9 Swatwa Dharak uccha vidyalaya 06
List of Primary/Middle Schools
No. of Primary School 2374
No. of Middle Schools 820
Lok Shikshan Kendra 128
List of Hospitals/Health Centre
Sub divisional Hospital

03 (Danapur, Barh, Patna City )

Referral Hospital 04 (Naubatpur, paliganj
Primary Health Centre 16
Extra Primary Health Centre 66
Health sub centre 419
Urban Hospital
1 Guru Govind singh hospital Patna City
2 Gardanibagh Hospital Gardanibagh
3 Rajendra nagar Hospital Rajendra nagar
4 Rajvanshi nagar Hospital Rajvanshi nagar
5 New Gardenar Road Hospital Veerchand Patel Path
6 Kankarbagh Hospital Kankarbagh
7 New Gardanibagh Hospital Gardanibagh
8 Jayprabha Hospital Kankarbagh
9 MLA Flat Hospital MLA Flat Area
10 Rajkiya aushadhalaya, Rajbhawan Rajbhawan
11 Marufganj Hospital Marufganj
12 Guljarbagh Hospital Guljarbagh
DRDA, Patna